Hi everyone!

We have launched the MVP of the share system — https://share.brt.network.

Now it shows base information — current top 20 of BRT holders addresses, latest dividends distributions, total paid.

You can check each address and its dividends also now.

We are preparing to update it and add more information and also separate by the project.

1st round of the Cointrapper project has been finished and raised 0.35920547 BTC.

We have distributed 80% of the amount to the project, 12% of the amount to dividends for early investors, and 8% as BRT commission in BTC tx — https://btc.com/db4fec8f6fca2bb4125fb378441897a99a814d7b92a6bc9e94e82a5b06de54ed.

Dividends will be distributed just once the transaction will be confirmed!

2nd round of Cointrapper is active now. Join now to get BRT tokens and participate in the whole ecosystem!

See you soon!

We have added the possibility to see all transactions in the blockchain that were made as project investment.

Go to “Projects” in your “Account “ and then click “About” link near the information about the project, then “Investments”. You can see information about all transactions that were made for investment for this project.

BRT Network will support full transparency for all money flow in all projects and the whole ecosystem.

The first round of the first project “Cointrapper” is ending and we are preparing an automated dividend system to be launched.

Stay tuned for the latest updates!

It’s time to explain more about how investments will be collected by projects.

Each project will have its own description and full information and it will be possible to select it in the personal space of the BRT network site before you can invest in it.

Each project investment will…

We have closed the early stage of investment.

Total coins sold: 3808 BRT

The unsold amount was moved to address for next use in project sales in this tx — https://explorer.brt.network/tx/7A14B3EC5612DC77D611D037DF2EAEF5E5CCC4DA750991E95096EF040AB84D48

We are starting promotion now and also have plans to launch the Cointrapper project and investment stage for it on September 26.

Since now we will publish updates every day and also will describe even more information about all ecosystems and the future.

Stay tuned for future news.

With ❤ BRT Team.

Hey there.

Do you have a Reddit account? Nice! You can join to our community there — https://www.reddit.com/r/BRTNetwork/.

Also, we have launched telegram chat — https://t.me/brt_chat_ru and news channel — https://t.me/brt_news_ru for Russian speaking users. Feel free to join there if you speak Russian!

We are preparing all staff to start a marketing campaign to attract more investors to our project.

BRT is for Bitcoin Revenue Token and ready to go to the public.

BRT Network

BRT is for Bitcoin Revenue Token. We make it easy to get earnings for investors and get money for startups

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