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It’s time to explain more about how investments will be collected by projects.

Each project will have its own description and full information and it will be possible to select it in the personal space of the BRT network site before you can invest in it.

Each project investment will be divided into 4 separate rounds. The price of the token will slightly increase on each round to give privilege for those who will join the project faster than others.

The first round of investment of the first project to be launched (Cointrapper) is planned to start on September, 30 with the token price set to 0.001 BTC for 1 BRT in the first round. All investments will be accepted in BTC only for it.

The BRT network also will launch some additional social activity programs with free BRT giveaway to help first-time promotion and launch the first project on its ecosystem.

The system will distribute 12% as dividends for active addresses, 8% for the affiliate program, 50% for project, and 30% on hold (as a guarantee that belongs to the project) after the end of each round.

Dividends of investments (its 12% part) will be distributed between all active holders after each round before its round. Investors will be allowed to get tokens that they bought only after the end of each round. The BRT ecosystem will get more active addresses with BRT tokens after each round that will be calculated on each next round or/and another project’s distributions.

More information is coming soon, see you ;)

BRT is for Bitcoin Revenue Token. We make it easy to get earnings for investors and get money for startups

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